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Seinäjoen opiskelijapalvelut Inc.

We are a limited company working in Seinäjoki. Our main mission is to offer cheap, nice and student friendly services. The stocks of Seinäjoen Opiskelijapalvelut Oy are owned by student union SAMO. Our offices in the same area as SAMOs office is in Frami F.

Among our other services we include
  • Triangeli-cruise 
  • Overall ordering and producing different sort of patches for sale
  • Group shirts
  • Posters
  • Events, such as Alumnigala, APPRO of Kalevankatu, KAADOT
  • Student cafeterias Café Tsumppi and Pika Tsumppi
  • Copying, printing, duplication, scanning
  • Thesis binding
Our goal is to work as close to the students as possible and we will join almost every single crazy idea students might have!